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Pastel Mint Home Decor Vase With Short Rim And An Embossed Gold Heart | Flower Vase | Spring Vase | Stoneware

Pastel Mint Home Decor Vase With Short Rim And An Embossed Gold Heart | Flower Vase | Spring Vase | Stoneware

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This pastel mint short vase is one of the newest additions to the Sejal Ceramics range. The gold embossed heart, which is hand stamped and painted, makes it perfect for gifting on Mother's day, Anniversaries, Valentines and Birthdays, to name a few occasions! Paired with dried or fresh flowers they make the perfect duo.

Carefully handcrafted from stoneware slip, this vase goes through at least 8 stages of the making process. From casting, fettling, glazing and lustering, each step is just as important as the last. Finally, each piece is hand polished for a smooth matte finish before being sent off to it's new home. Please note the top opening may not be perfectly round due to the nature of the making and firing process.

The inside of the vase is glazed to ensure it can hold water for fresh flowers. Flowers not included.

PLEASE NOTE: Vase colour can appear darker or lighter on different devices and in reality under different lighting. 

Approximate Dimensions:
Height- 11cm
Top Opening- 3.5cm
Base Diameter- 9.5cm

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- All vases can be washed with warm water and a bottle brush for the inside. Please refrain from using a hard sponge as this may damage the finish, especially on the gold lustre heart.
- Please handle all ceramic items with care as they are fragile and may break if you drop them on a hard surface.

Due to the nature of all items being handmade, please allow slight variations from the photograph above.

If you would like more than one of the same piece and it's not available, please feel free to send us a message as we may have extra stock in the studio.

IMPORTANT- International/EU Shipping - Please note, you may be charged Customs Tax when collecting your parcel. Please check this before you order to avoid any surprise extra payments! Thank you.

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